Estemylife Hasan Akil 4000 graft hair transplantation

Hello everyone!I have been following this forum for about 2-3 weeks, friends. The platform that will really create a very good preliminary information for new people that will really plant hair. Because some of us to see ads from ads and get caught up in the butcher. It is a very sad situation. . .
I looked at the general hair results here and made Estemylife Hasan Akil had my hair cultivation.
I was hesitant that my donor area may be insufficient and that they could not fill the sowing forehead as I wish. I will take photos about my process from time to time in terms of taking your opinions on this issue and the creation of an idea in the minds of the new friends who will have.

I do not want to extend the attitude of the October center against the patient. There are already pleased in the forum and everyone expresses the same things. They come across with all kinds of interests and smiling faces. In a clear language, they both sings the stages of the process and the results that may give birth, and from time to time on Instagram, they inform them on the air.

Hair line drawing and channel opening process was carried out by Hasan Akil. They performed other procedures.

I would like to thank Hasan Akil and Mehmet Akil here. For now, I can’t say much, but their smiling faces warms up, you can trust

These are the questions I wonder, friends. I thank everyone in advance
1- Are 4000 grafts planted in the sowing area according to the photo in the photo?
If 2-4000 grafts have been planted, will it be enough for the front and hill zone at least except the Vertex region?In the forum, 5000+ grafts were planted in the same center for a citizen similar to my own hair type.
Photos will come.
I am age 26 good forums for everyone . . .

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