GOP Medicalpark (ESTE ESTANBUL) / 27 years 4300GrebraT (3950+350) / Cengiz Yaylacı

Good forums for everyone. I have been a follower of the site for 2-3 years I have received very valuable information and I have seen the results I have seen the results of the endless thanks to everyone who contributed . . I forgot my old user information. I know there is no very suitable production for hair transplantation, but since I was 15, I have experienced aggressive shedding and psychologically worn out. During my life, I wonder if I had added it, and I chose to see the result. The reason I sowing in this center was that they made planting before and I liked the result. In addition, other centers forced me financially. I am a health caregiver, I got a little discount from here more

It started on October 30. 01. 21 at 10. 30. It took about 10-11 hours. 350 grafts were taken from 3950 beard from the neck. The area to be planted was very wide and I did not want to plant the vertek. The front and hill were sowing. If the result is successful and if the donor is sufficient, I am thinking of doing a second session with beard supported. Cengiz Yaylacı, owner of the front line, planting planning and channel opening, was realized. For the front line, I showed a few sample photographs I brought with me. In general, my pain was not leakage. The team’s interest was good.

In turn, I will share the pre -October / October day / and the first washing + 9th day photos.

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