Hair Transplant Asmed Clinic 4500 Root Age 20

Hello first of all, I think here is the rare lady (the mother of the person planted).
My son has been shedding hair since he was 16 years old.
As a result, I have been following this forum for a long time, as a result, we reduced the number of doctors to three and decided to have it done in Asmed this year. In fact, I have had a few places I have written since the age of 18, but they said that the cultivation places with high quality could not plant before the age of 20. Hair transplantation first started problematic on the way to the airport on the road traffic closed traffic closed of course, of course, my wife and my son we said we had a charity in everything and there was another flight after 1 hour they bought a ticket again. I hope the end will be good.
Today, 24. 11. 2021 will have the first inspection, I hope
25. 11. 2021 2250 gräft
26. 11. 2021 2250 gräft
A total of 4500 gräft will be planted in total, but of course after today’s inspection, a net number will be revealed.

My son used minoxidil for more than 2 years
We had mesotherapy for 1 year once a month.
It started to use finastridic about 2 months ago.

Unfortunately, my son is 17 years old and he has severe hair loss for two months. I guess the room will shed her hair at an early age like her brother

Tomorrow I will upload me to the forum if hesitant pictures come in the clinic.

I thank everyone who has worked here in advance

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