Hair Transplant Hairofistanbul Age 33,4350 Grafts, Zorlu Narrow Donor Zone

I wanted to share my own experiences because I benefited a lot here. I had my hair transplantation in Hairof Istanbul. I did not feel painful pain in any way I enjoyed my operation.

In fact, my donor zone was not very suitable for planting after a few interviews I decided to plant.

In order not to lose the pre -line naturalness and to spend the grafts planned, we did not put forward the cultivation that should be 2 sessions in this way.

Everything went well, it took place in a very clean hygienic working environment, the team has been working together for a long time. I liked the interest. Comments from you, especially our Indian friend/brother. First then I share the photos

1st and 2nd day of Photo 4 and 5 surgeries

October Date 05. 01. 21

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