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4800 graft hair transplantation was performed on June 25, 2016. The price is $ 2200. I did not use any medication or supplements before and after the operation. It has been 128 days since I had a hair transplant. If we come to the disadvantages I see about the arenamed I have operated on;

1- We went with a friend of mine to have a hair transplant. Doctor Serkan performed my hair transplant. Another doctor performed my other friend’s hair transplant. We were not informed about this before the operation.

2- There is not much information given before the operation, a person who goes without research can be quite stunned. I did not drink alcohol the week before the operation, but such issues should be informed.

3- If we come to the donor area, if you intend to slaughter in the donor area, this should be shared openly with the patient. It will be like this after the operation, you will travel like a hair breaker for 3 months, and you should be more transparent.

4- My donor area seems to have healed. More precisely, I think there is a 90-95 percent improvement. My advice to friends who are considering hair transplant to Arenamed; They need to know and accept that they will wander like a hair breaker for at least 3 months.

5- As for me, I was aware of this situation, as a result of my research.

6- Front line, right side slightly crooked. This situation is a problem for most people, but for some reason I don’t know, I don’t care at all 🙂

7- That’s all for now, just before the hair transplant and I will share the 120th day photos. If I wish, I can share all the photos of the interim period, the photos of the planted area and the donor area.

8- End of the end, I was a bald type that could be considered nw 7. I am thinking of having hair transplants twice, you can understand from the photos.

I do not know how the operation went, how the process works, but frankly I do not think so positively. I am waiting for your comments.


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