Hair transplantation 5000 graft Hair Center of Turkey

Hello Forum Workers. Hail everyone. First of all, I want to thank you, I learned a lot here. On November 11, 22, I carried out hair transplantation at the clinic called Hair Center of Turkey in Yenibosna, Istanbul. The reason I preferred this place was the successful planting on the instagram page. Especially the sowing lines and the frequency they caught attracted my attention as I wanted and thought I needed.

I was an interlocutor with Mr. Burak in the clinic. We designed my front line with Ebru Hanım. Even though they insisted that the opening of the opening is very wide, I wanted to go back to the back and planned in that way. We included in the sowing line design so that the temples were dimolding. Nisa Hanım made the roots with the machine and took Kevser Hanım. Ozan Bey Kevser Hanım and İbtisam Hanım were carried out. October lasted around ten and a half hours and it was extremely challenging for me. I’m guessing that the reason for a long time was that the patient in the other room causes difficulty and had to take care of other customers. As planting prolonged, the effect of local anesthesia decreased and I experienced a very painful planting. Towards the end of planting, the electricity went to the plant with the phone flash. My back, my back, my head was a disaster, unfortunately I suffered. A total of 4500 hair-500 beard, including 5000 graft planting was said to be made. I am waiting for your comments and prayers especially about frequency and pre -line.

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