Hair transplantation – Gaziantep Plus Hair Transplantation Center – 2021 March

Hello friends, on March 25, 2021 in Gaziantep, Plus Hair Transplant (Plus Aesthetics as well as a aesthetics) by the employees of the center of the labor hospital I had hair transplantation. I know that the center of this process is shown as big cities like Istanbul-Ankara. For certain reasons, I had to plant in and around the province I lived for.

8-10 months ago I started to investigate hair transplant, but I postponed it for a while. 1. 5 months ago I put the head in the head. I did research in and around where I lived and decided in Plus Hair Transplantation Center.

I had a meeting with Hüseyin Bey, the company’s official, looked at the photos of the references, and decided on the day of October when I said I reached the customers of hair transplantation. (Meanwhile, the team was planting at Sanko Hospital before)

I was in their offices at 9 o’clock on October, shaving my hair and led me to the hospital. The vein was opened, blood was taken for the analysis and the serum was connected to the process. The process started around 10:30 and the process was completed around 17:45. I went to the hospital and left for about 8. 5 hours. Nearly 2 liters of serum were connected to a total of 2 liters of process.

The procedure was a friend named Ömer at the age of 32 who said that he had been working for 12 years, and there was another young lady who looked at the Burcu Hanım, who I learned that he was 5 years, and as far as I understand, a young lady who was in the learning process (1 year) and a young lady and take it. employee). Ömer Bey and Burcu Hanım made the process of collecting the roots under the leadership of Ömer Bey.

After the procedure, they sprayed the neck and bandaged them, and they sent me off by making the necessary warning and information. Hüseyin Bey called several times after the procedure, he reminded me of issues such as not drinking my medication, not eating, etc. , he was really interested in that aspect.

I liked the distribution of cultivation, they did not plant in line like tree sow, there is no clear number of graft planted, we did not talk about the graft that you will plant as much graft, we talked to plant as much graft. They won my confidence before the procedure and entrusted myself to these hands. I hope I have been good when I asked about my curiosity during October, they said around 4000.

When I write this article, I’m on my 7th day, I haven’t sensed any negativity so far, and I’m uploading my photos. I wonder about your comments about my transaction. I would like to ask the comments of knowledgeable friends about the distribution, ratio and aesthetics of cultivation,

Respects. .

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