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Greetings to everyone first
Since 2013, I intend to plant sheet. However, I gave up as a result of a long research that my mourning is a little young and continued to fall out. This year, I decided to plant sheet again like November. And I did some research this time I could not say that I did a lot of in -depth research and a little bit of this form. I have set two or three places in my mind. In my meeting with some of them, some of them hung my price budget and some did not give confidence. Lastly, I started to see Hermest Hair Clinic seriously, they told me that my hair opening was too much and that it would not be closed at once, they would need a second session for the Varteks region. Of course, this disturbed me a little bit of my dream was to get rid of this trouble at one time before I gave up hermest clinicten but always in my mind Hermest clinucte remained. I called Esra Hanım, gentleman, if I make a word you want to hear, you will make us make us, but I will not promise you and why I can not finish the process in a very good detail explained in a very good way Esra Hanım’s realistic sincere speech I made an appointment on February 3, 2021. On the day of the operation, I went to the hospital where the operation will be performed at 08:00 and Esra Hanım and the operation of the operation will open the channels will open the name of a lady with a lady started after planning. It was very comfortable, even after the collection from the donor, I fell asleep while the operation was finished. After the operation, Tülgin Hanım and Esra Hanım took care of me in a very insightful way when I called, even 4 5 days after the operation was an inflammation of a small place 10 times a day I was looking for the slightest discomfort in any of them. So far, the process has developed in this way, now after the operation 13, I’m taking photos before and after the day. Thank you in advance for your comments.

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