Hisar Hospital Estemylife 4000 Graft

hello everyone,

As a result of the positive comments I have seen in the forum, even the Estemylife teams of Hisar Hospital, and 4 thousand graft (told) was made on 04. 03. 2019.

The operation was comfortable about the anesthesia needle, but there was a pain in the question as described here, I saw in a lot of comments, even those who say worse than the pains of birth is not exaggerated, it gives a pain like PRP. There is no one to be afraid to get information to friends who are

In the operation, Fatma Hanım and 3 ladies at first identified the haircut and made the first anesthesia and then came to open the channel and then I could not see the 3 teammates took care of the rest of the operations. They stated that there was a very openness and added that 2 sessions were needed . . .

I will share the developments from here for 1 year.

4 thousand grafts
Diamond Tips
1 Session Prp
3 sessions hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Age 22 my own shoot before the operation;

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