Hisar Hospital (Hasan Hüseyin Mind) 31.05.2017 – 4500 graft

Hello. Hisar Hospital First of all I discovered on the advice after a little research, especially this forum enabled me to be convinced to a great extent.
I found the phone numbers and sent photos for the analysis of whatsappan longly corresponded and telephoned 1 week after the operation date I got the date of the operation. HASAN Bey only made the channel opening process itself. I thought that the donor would be battered the area and I was worried that the result was very good for me. When I said that I thought I was thinking about a second session, they said I wouldn’t need it, but I saw my second session after 1. 5 years in terms of being better. Shedding will be around 50 %. Obviously this issue makes me curious and worried.
The photos belong to the first day and the twentieth day.
There is also a question I want to ask. Sebamed shampoo because of the unknown forehead acne -style flux formed.
I am thinking of sharing all the course step by step to meet this forum until I can go to where I can go.

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