HLC 3531 graft October

Hi friends, I have been following the forum for a long time and I benefited from the experiences of the friends who shared. As a result of my results and other research in the forum, I decided to plant at HLC. I owe myself to share for the forum to guide other friends because of what the forum has added to me.

It took place on October 8-9-10 July and directed the operation Gökhan Bey. I was very pleased with his interest and work.

Three years ago, as a result of my ignorance and less research, I was sowing 1700 grafts by two nurses in Nebil Bozdoğan. I was not satisfied with this planting and as a result it caused unnecessary destruction in my rotating region. Hopefully I am waiting for this October to collect the bad appearance.

Drugs I use: Proscar (for 2. 5 months), Xpecia (I’m starting today), Rogaine (I will start after 1 month).

I will take the pictures from the company today. I will share the appropriate as soon as possible.

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