HLC 4181 Graft (Verteks+Scholers) 24-25 December 2020

Greetings to everyone. On December 24-25, I planted 4181 graft hair to the Verteks and temples in HLC. Approximately 2400 of the cultivation took place from hair and 1800 of the beard. In May 2020, I had 3721 (2000 hair+1700 beard) graft in HLC. My age 36. I had 2 unsuccessful hair transplantation, including 1 FUT and 1 FUE. So the operation I opened this topic 4. Hair transplantation.
40/cm2 was planted in the first October. In this October, Dr. Ozgur offered two alternatives. Again, go to the same intensity and leave the vertex exposed or start with 30 and fall to 20, bread everywhere. I chose the second option. Both Mayista and this operation after the beginning. Elif did. (He took the manual, opened the channels and cultivated).

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