HLC Hair Transplant 4000 Graft 12.01.2018

Hello friends, I have done the hair transplantation I have wanted to do for a long time. Before I had hair transplantation, I read the comments on this site first.
I stayed between 3 places. Mutallip Keser, Koray Erdogan and HLC. Mutallip Keser did not accept me because I was high. Koray Erdoğan was able to make an appointment for a very advanced time, and he did not. Then I read the comments about HLC, I pleased the results I did not encounter a negative comment. I called for information. We had a meeting with Özge Hanım and Engin Bey. Actually, we talked as March for my hair transplantation, but when another patient’s calendar changed, they shifted me into that void. It was something I wanted for me. Now I will share this challenging process with you at certain periods. Your comments on this issue will be very valuable to me.

First of all, I will put my hair planning and post -operation images.

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