Institute of Hair / 5017 grafts / 24-25 Ocak 2017

Hello friends. I am 33 years old. During the last semester holiday, my hair transplantation took place on January 24-25 and I was more satisfied with the result. About 1 month before the operation, we arranged the date of appointment with Çağla Hanım and sent my photos because I was outside of Istanbul and said that as a result of Elif Hanım’s examination, 3900-4500 graft sowing will be made as an estimated examination.

When I went for the first meeting on January 23, I came across a very friendly and reassuring environment. Elif Hanım said that 5000 graft sowing will be made after making the measurements to be planted. Then my hair was cut and my front line was determined. I liked the drawing, but I thought if the sides were a little deep. As time went on, I saw how much Elif Hanım was doing what she was doing, but I still asked my sister to take my photos 8-10 years ago to relieve me. When I saw the photos in the evening, I saw that Elif Hanım was the same as what she was drawn, but I still asked you to take a click a click and Mrs. Elif didn’t break my request. In other words, my planting was very ahead of the blue line appeared in the photographs. Not the whole line, but only the depth next to them came very little.

On January 24th from the morning to noon, a total of 2500 grafts were made over the right and left foul area, towards the neck, and after the channel opening, the front line was planted.

On January 25, the 2500 grafts from the nape region were planted with great care to close all openings. (When I returned, the first thing that my barber said in his eyes could not believe in his eyes was how natural and beautiful the sowing direction looked. )

The first washing was made before 26 January afternoon.

From 23 January to 26 January, I felt the happiness of meeting the Institute of Hair team who loved her job and made her professional as well as professional. Thank you again and again for everything.

As for the next, the donor area recovered rapidly, and almost nothing was clear except for light redness on the skin after 2-3 days. In the October region, there was no problem except crusting and redness in the skin. (On the 8th day, the appearance of the shell became clear and I did the 9th day crust. )

While establishing plans to close himself home for 15 days before the operation, 2-3 days later I wandered outside and met with all my environment. In appearance, rather than the hair area, the swelling on my forehead disturbed. Swelling passed at the end of the 3rd day. For this, I advise friends who will undergo an operation to put as much ice as possible and not look down even if there is no swelling in the first place. My swelling went down to the nose of the last day and then passed. 5000 October is not an easy thing as a result of both the team and the patient and I got it very lightly overcome it. I think the most important thing here is “Manual Purchase and October”.

Today, I share photos of the 15th day of the operation and before October, after the first washing, 9th day and 15th day. In the meantime, there have been more than 100 shedding that I can see from the cultivated, but there may be that much that I have not seen. In addition, I think most of the planted hair is never growing, even as much as the day it was planted in a point that does not extend. My wife looks closely and says my old hair is longer.

I hope my shares will be useful to friends in the forum. After that, I continue to share quite a photo.

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