Kadir Öz Essila Hair Hair Transplantation Center 3150 Graft

Hello everyone again friends in the form of the year we have shared in the year of the year of the dream of a cultivation was realized. My front cizgim trapezoid, a pinch of hair and hill was also completely disappointed in the hill area. Today, I want to share my new October with you. This time I preferred the Essila transplantation center through reference. In addition, in the form of the legendary of the Imaj6734 friend concluded in the form of Kadir Oz’un after seeing the sowing of my decision completely. It started around October 12 local anesthesia, graft intake and channel opening itself Kadir Öz himself. Kadir Öz and his wife realized the channels that were opened. There was no pain leakage, only in the needles made during local anesthesia, the drug burns a little. The needle does not hurt the medicine, friends, this is a bit painful part of the work. October is over at 20:00. Thank God I have no problem with God, I am fine, I hope there is nothing but praying and waiting. I will share with you the moon developments with you. With love and respect for everyone.

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