Life Hair Ankara (Şahin Çelik and his team) 3,800 graft 1 April 2019

Hi friends, I have been following this forum regularly for about a year, first of all, thank you very much.

Şahin Hoca also recognized this forum, I got up I went from Istanbul I had October I returned after the first washing.

I was going to write the sowing process in detail, but those who make planting from the Sahin Hodja and other teachers in the forum have already written enough process, there is no need to repeat.

Still, if you are wondering, ask, I will gladly answer.

In the meantime, I would like to thank Şahin Hodja and the smiling team, I hope we will get a result that no one will be wasted at the end of the process.

Finally, I will be grateful if you specify all your positive and negative comments throughout the experienced friends here.

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