Lifehair Ankara Şahin Bey 4000 graft 23 January 2019 Age: 32

After doing research for a long time, I decided to plant with Life Hair Şahin Bey.

At 11 am, an appointment was made and my hair was cut after planning. Then we went to the operating room and the procedures started. During the needles for anesthesia, I felt pain in the first 2-3 needles, and then the area was already numb. October was completed around 7 pm and I didn’t feel pain or pain during the whole process. The most uncomfortable issue was to sleep constantly. My neck and my back were held.

In the meantime, they left sapphire -tipped cultivation, they were forced to open the channels and the roots planted were planted from the channels when they were cruising new roots, so they did not make sapphire -tipped cultivation because they had to intervene in the roots.

Thank you very much to the whole team. Hair transplantation is a very difficult job that really requires patience, attention and concentration, and I learned it. I wish all the laborers who are engaged in this business.

Note: He became a friend who sent Cezerye, we tasted as all teams and patients, it was very delicious, thanks to the sending.
Note 2: The whole team follows the forum, for your information

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