Medeks 3200 graft beard transplantation

I had a beard cultivation at Medeks on Saturday. I’m sharing photos for now. As the results begin to emerge, I will share my experiences and opinions.

But I can say that my views up to this moment are completely positive. Gökhan Hodja is friendly and related. They were similar to people who understood their team. With the emergence of the results over time, I will write the whole process in detail.

– 6. I’m on the day. The two things that challenges me the most in this process was that I had to sleep on your back and the pain in the Dönor region was plus burning. The Dönor region is still hurting. Gökhan Hodja had given Parol as a painkiller, but in addition, I bought Arvales. My sleep quality has fallen quite, especially when I sleep on my head, the pain increases within 1 hour and the rotating area is burning. I hope it will pass completely in a few days. For now, I will write the experiences I have experienced in so much time.

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