Medeks Hair 5100 Graft 23 .12.2023

I have been a forum member for 3 years. My age is 32 years old, I have genetic hair loss. I have never applied any precautionary treatment before
Hair transplantation has been in my mind for the last 4 years and I always decided to have a sudden decision by taking a sudden decision. I preferred Medeks as October Center
One of the most suitable centers for my open area is that the team has been the same for years to be the same percentage of success, and it was a major factor in the preference that some people make revised procedures in negative cultivations. I set off from Ankara at 5 in the morning. At 9. 30 shaved and then Dönor Regional Anesthesia Process Destan Hanım made very well interested and made positive speeches
The above ear was a little bit more painful, but it wasn’t at a level that wasn’t unbearable, I didn’t do anything. Then Elif Hanım Roots with a micro motor
He made a purchase process, Dima Bey collects the roots
Total 5100 graft purchases were made
Later, Gökhan Bey came for ten lines. We determined my front line. We started a click behind the open space. I said I did not interpret the line at all

Dima Bey made the anesthesia procedures of the area to be planted after 20 minutes of food break
Elif Hanım made the channel opening operations of the area to be planted. I did not talk unless the need to deteriorate the concentration of anyone during the procedure. Later. Dima Bey Destan Hanım and another lady master came to place the roots in the channel
17 o’clock. 30 procedures are over
Without moving while lying on the stretcher. Sleeping is really compelling and sleeping
I was asleep from time to time

They really deserve great respect for the employees who work. My own photos. And. The October center attracted. I’m adding photos
In addition to the medicines and tak viye given by the October center, I added Xpecia and Corasprin, I will rise them to the pictures. I hope I can help people who read this topic, I am waiting for your valuable comments.


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