Medeks Hair Center (2700 Graft) 17.01.2020

Hello friends. My age 29. Medeks Hair Center this Saturday I had hair transplantation only my forehead area was always open that my forehead was already my forehead did not afterwards only yellow feathers poured in high school, but then I was wearing a lot. My teacher and I wanted to evaluate the semester holiday. Actually, I had a lot of debt, then I was thinking of making it in a quality and reliable place when the debts were finished, but I was looking at the forums in the meantime. Medeks Hair caught my attention and did not see much negative comments in the forums, frankly, for some reason, I went to my head and even went very much. We agreed to 3250 tlya, but I did not doubt inside me I did not know why. I made the cultivation very painful, I never made it back if we took it back, I still regret it. Gökhan I trusted and went to the teacher, but I did not have the day I had to plant at all, I think he went abroad. They said we were going to analyze before planting, but they didn’t do analysis. When someone who worked did not use any device or meter when determining my cizgim, he gave a small mirror and showed that I wanted it to be a little different, but he said he was more appropriate. I don’t normally be a beard, but I have feathers on both sides of the jaw, so I wanted to fill the gap and be slightly sloping upwards, so normal ball beard. I showed it in the photo, but they did the opposite, unfortunately they sank my beard. There was a girl who made a sowing and a boy 19 20 years of age was very serious, they laughed briefly. When they talk, such a very low -level conversation, I wonder if I say I am in a drink environment. I was very bored, I cracked the child twice I forgot the excuse I forgot to be a muabbbet. When asked the question, they did not even get the right kaile, of course, and they gave a separate cold short answers once or twice. You may not believe we were together for 7 hours, but they didn’t even ask my name. Then they closed my head back with a lies of a wrap that I already fell home with the bandage of the bandage now I tried to get it until the morning. So it was very unfortunate to everyone if I do not know if I do not know, but I will say that if we do not have the savings in your pockets in your pocket, the more bread is cheap, do not go to your mind if you need to go bald. That is, 3250 less money is not counted in 400 medications, but they found less, it means the stew of cheap meat. 400 drug money they said they gave the news to the end of October 500 TL, but I know that Gökhan Hoca knows that I did to meet my road money from 3500 to 3250, but I gave all of them 400 I gave all of them came out of the wind under the wind of the rain under the wind of my brother. I shot from ATM. I hope the result will be nice, or I suppose I would pour out the other ones that hit my head on the wall. Everything is your heart, friends, do not rush, be late.

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