Medekshair 13 September 2022 4000 graft second planting

Hello, I should have opened the subject before, but since I was very busy, I was late to open the subject.

The first October was not fully successful in Hakan Doğanay team in 2018.
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Two years ago, when I stopped by Gökhan, he said that they could do a tight planting and that my hair line was very ahead. If he believes that my hair line would not be left, he mentioned that he could be taken back and with a smooth line by taking excesses with the micro motor.

Two years later, I talked to him on the phone and told him that he remembered me and that they could cultivate and we had a contract for September 13. When I went to the address on the instagram on September 13, I called, but he said that the address was a communication center and asked me to move to the address in Beşiktaş. I went to the relevant address after the long wait he could not come, then his wife Hayriye Hanım came, Gökhan Bey’s relative due to the health problem of the time of arrival of Hayriye Hanım himself examined the planning. In front of the hair can be taken with a micromotor, but the trail can remain normal in 1-2 years, returning to normal, if the hair remains in front of the new line, I need to have laser operations.

I decided to take it with a micromotor. It was taken before planting. There is no trace right now. However, the planning of the open area until the back of the median instram videos of the complete closure and now I wanted to finish the planting work with this operation, I mentioned Hayriye Hanım said okay. When I looked at the October, when I saw that there was no completely closure, he promised to strengthen the hill and middle area if he did not get close to the top of the hill in the hill area, but if he was enough.

However, in my opinion, 45 days for a short time for the second October, if you need to complete the future, then I think it will be necessary to evaluate.

Starting from October, I add my photos. After 10 days, the vitamins I use Perfectil, Xpecia, Donor Area is difficult to recover compared to my first cultivation, so 12 days in the morning 1 -in the morning, 1 time 1 time 12 hours apart 5fis minoxil, I started 2000mg/day from the last 3 days.

In the last photo, there is a rack in front of it, can there be a situation like necrosis?This frankly disturbed me and worried. There is no problem after the shell dump. When I look at the 7x zooming mirror, the hair appears in that area, though small. After the shell dump, I have to use a hat in a loose state.

Today is 36th day
I add the photos in order of day. Last 2 photos are currently current situation.

I would like to look at the photographs after my shell casting in the front of the hair in front and ask for your comments and referrals in other fields. Thanks.

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