Melike Çolak Mc Hair Center 4000 Graft Hair Transplant Istanbul 18/01/2022

Date: 18/01/2022
October Place: Mc Hair Center (at Private Çamlık Hospital)
Graft: 4000
Age 32
Drugs: Cipro Antibiotic, Prednol, Hunting

Dear friends, I thought of sharing the course of my surgery with you. Your opinions and suggestions are very valuable to me. In my institution, two of my friends agree with Mc Hair Center for hair transplantation and the hair transplantation took place in Private Çamlık Hospital in Bakırköy. As a result, they are satisfied with hair transplants successfully resulted as they wanted. I decided on the way with these two living examples and communicated with the company official Murat Çolak and made preliminary interviews and decided on 18/01/2022 Tuesday hair transplant surgery. After the transplant, PRP and mesotherapy required shampoo lotion supporting guidance will not be a problem in the point of guidance. During the surgery, I felt pain in some places during the surgery, and I felt pain in some places when they opened the channel. A team of 6 people worked in this surgery. The haircut and channel were opened by shaving, anesthesia, graft receiving and lasting by Melike Çolak, and then the anesthesia and grafts were under the influence of the drug they gave before planting.


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