November 9, 2020-Sahin Celik-Vertex cultivation- 2. October -3100Gre didn’t (2600 +500Sakal)

Greetings, friends, after the first October I was not satisfied with the first October, I decided on the second October without waiting too much. Of course, my biggest decision -making was my forum. The link of the first cultivation is down. In particular, I turned to the second foot due to the deficiency on my right side. It was very obvious and there was no one around me who did not understand that the area was weak. You can see it in the link.

https://www. sachekimisonuclari. com/index. php?topic=10302. 105

Sahin Celik’s success rate, the situation of the rotating regions and the graft of the beard;It made me get up from Izmir and go to Ankara. Both himself and his team are extremely humble and helpful team.

Sowing around 11-12 hours started, ending at 18:00. From 2600 nape to 500 beard was sowing. Grafts were planted both on the right side and Vertex.
During the purchase of the beard, “I wonder if there is a trace or something?””Will it be clear?”I was worried, but it was an unnecessary concern. Şahin Hodja said that there will be no trace during the purchase order.

I will meet with the center and make a crust 10th day. I use Xpecia. I hope I get a result as I want at the end of 8 – 10 months.

I am adding my state before you have to do it before you have to plant.
In the latest photos, I add the bugini, ie the 8th day of planting.
I am waiting for your comments about planning and trend.


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