Pendik Medical Park Asuman Hanım Hair Transplantation

Hello everyone. On 17. 01. 2019 I made hair transplantation to Asuman Hanım at Pendik Medical Park Hospital. A total of 4000 grafts were sowing. I will be sharing photos. Today is the 102nd day. The process makes me very pleased now. I believe it will be better.
I would like to share with you how I decide on hair transplantation. I wasn’t thinking about hair transplantation until the 26th age 26. Both my hair is fine and because of the weak donor area and the artificial standing around me. In the future, I wish I was not going to say why I did not plant one day. I talked to a few different places, but it was my meeting with Mrs. Asuman, who was frankly. I did not have any problems in the process before and after planting.
When I compare my previous state with my current state, I see the difference in my own way. I would like to see your evaluation. Thank you for your interest.
Note: I think those who have indecisive about hair transplantation should perform hair transplantation in a place that falls inside because you are not as indecisive and anxious.

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