Reason Clinical 4480 Graft (29.11.2023)

I’ve been thinking of having hair transplantation for a long time. I met with 2-3 places on social media and after a lot of follow-up from here. I decided in the clinic. I made an appointment and went. The relevance of interest was fine. In the first meeting, they immediately examined hair and root. As a result, they said it was suitable for hair transplantation. After giving other information, we received a date for the operation. When I went for the operation on November 29, Hasan Akil (owner of the place) personally took the process from the beginning and drawing the hair transplantation line and then they took it to the operation room. Approximately 4 hours of purchase lasted in 4 hours. If I remember correctly, 4480 grafts (most of the roots were 2 lines. This means around 8000 hair). Necessary information was made after October. After receiving the first care set, I went home. I go to the clinic for washing every day. By the way, I’m 33 years old. I am especially waiting for the comments of experienced friends.


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