Samsun hair trans (resul high), 5325 graft, 26 years, 26.08.2022, hair transplantation

Hello friends, on August 26, 2022 in Samsun Medical Park Hospital Hair Transda Hair Transplantation took place. 5325 graft hair was planted, most of the grafts planted were said to be 2 and 3 roots. Resul Bey made the design of the hair before planting and the channel opening. During October, he made his checks and made the clinic’s interest and relevance was good. It was informed that the area opening before October was large and that it would not be completely closed in one October, but a more frequent planting was held in the front areas. As a reinforcement, HS Hairtransın’s own tablet was given by the clinic for now I learned the forum after the sowing process for a month and I started to examine your experiences and comments. I don’t want to use medication, but I’m waiting for your reinforcement food suggestions.

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