Batman Büşra Can Hair Transplant 5800 Graft

I tried to eliminate my hair transplantation that I had thought before using prosthesis hair in 2016. I gave the prosthesis hair in 2019, I said goodbye to the hair and I did not use it after that day I started to follow the hair transplantation centers I did in a number of research I met with some centers I sent my photos almost everywhere I received positive answers. Taaaki Batman Büşra Can Hair Transplantation Clinic as a result of the researches I have done as a result of a very close friend of mine with the reference of June I made the necessary examinations on July 2 we took our appointment on July 2 and I went to stay for the day for hair transplantation. As soon as I entered the clinical, I felt myself in my house as soon as a person cannot feel himself at home, but Büşra teacher and his team were so cordial and about us that I said that this place is like the house.
We started with the necessary procedures for October under the leadership of Büşra Hanım on that day. The transactions were done and we knew to watch the movie music, etc. as we wanted to watch the film with the team and follow the progress of the transactions in a comfortable way.
On July 2, my October work was held in the process before the process of planting all our questions without getting tired of the tired and did not leave us unanswered Cansu lady, from the beginning to the end of my procedures Büşra Hocama, our nurse’s life in the heart of the heart of us Ayşegül Hanim, brotherly approach and after the sowingHalit Bey, who accompanies up to the car, and his brotherly and friendly friendly approach and the interest of us after the sowing process and the relevance to us should be pre -October and after the support of Osman Bey, thank you very much, I would like to thank Büşra Hanım and his team in the slightest problemI would like to thank the entire team that has been with us in every subject.
The photos of the 1st day and the 15th day are below
With greetings and love to the Can team…


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