Asuman Hair Transplant – 11.06.2020 – 4600 Graft Hair Transplant – 30 Age

Hello friends,

I’m quite new on the site. I am 30 years old, even though I can think of hair transplantation from time to time, my opinion has never been poured into research and execution. I was interested in the researches of a friend I trust in this matter and the hair transplantation in the near future, and in a short time I took my appointment from where he went and had a hair transplant operation.

The operation started at 9 am and ended at 7 pm. I did not have any pain except small tingling in the anesthesia section. Asuman Hanım and her team were very polite and fun. They played an important role in my feeling comfortable. Mrs. Asuman made significant parts of the operation (part of the root intake – the entire channel opening – a part of the roots in the channel). But even when he leaves me, I can say that he came to control all the time.

I am on my 4th day, we are in communication with Mrs. Asuman every day and said that we will be in communication for a long process.

It was stated that my donor region was intense during hair transplantation, the hair weaving is soft and that the roots can be easily taken and placed easily, and that this situation created an advantage in planting because of the small head construction. My hair is fine hair.

I have one more topic I need to mention. Especially everyone is uneasy because of the global epidemic. One of the things that made me think the most was to enter the hospital operation in this environment. However, it was quite hygienic and employees were equipped enough. I didn’t feel any discomfort for myself.

The drugs recommended by the planting center for the strong growth of hair transplanted except antibiotics, cream, etc. that need to be taken after hair transplantation are as follows;

– Xpecia – 6 months
– Alopexy 5 %Leather Spray (Minoxidil) – 6 Months
– Finastreid – 6 months
– Alpha lipoic acid

Alopexy 5 %leather spray (Minoxidil) and Finastreid I have doubts. The side effects and the possibility of hair return to the old state after leaving makes you think. I also have a profession where I have a regular health check, so I frankly I want to stay away from chemical and hormonal supplements. My research continues, I would appreciate it if you help.

In order to follow the development, I will take care to add the image of my hair after the crust and the development of regular development.


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